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Are you tired of the hassle of managing products, dealing with lost cash, and deciphering unreadable orders? Say goodbye to those headaches with our user-friendly online form! Take your fundraising efforts to the next level with ease and convenience.

Forget about handling cash or shipping products—we handle it all for you! That means no more worrying about inventory or product management. Your organization can focus on making money, while your supporters indulge in our delicious dips.

With our streamlined process, fundraising has never been simpler. Get started today and watch your earnings soar while enjoying stress-free fundraising!

Fundraising is easy with All Natural Dips! What are the benefits of choosing our family business as your organizations fundraising company?

  • Your organization is provided with a unique order form link that your customers can order from. This will include your organization's logo and any information you would like about your cause.
  • For a minimum cost, you can choose to have your own organization website (like www.yourorganizationdips.com) to make it even easier to share the fundraiser with your friends and family.
  • This link will be accessible to anyone in the United States so feel free to send it to your friends on either coast!
  • You can post this link to Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) or send in an email.
  • Eco-friendly - no paper forms are required! The link can be accessed from desktop computers, laptops, tablets, cellphones, Apple, Samsung or Windows devices that have internet access! You can even add the link to your cellphone home screen for quick access.
  • We’ll send you a quick video explaining how you can add the website right to your IPhone, IPad or Android device home screen for instant access.
  • No cash handling of ANY kind! All orders are taken through a secure website. This means no collecting cash or holding funds!
  • Once an order is placed, your organization (the email you provide) will receive a confirmation for each individual order so you can track your progress.
  • Orders are shipped out after they come in. This means no waiting or bulk orders to distribute.
  • All Natural Dips takes care of all the shipping so you don't have to!
  • No minimum fundraising requirement or time! You can choose your fundraiser to last only a few weeks or even the whole year!

Convinced yet? Ready to hear about PAYMENT?!?

  • Fundraising proceeds make $2 per dip sale (not including shipping). If you sell one dip, you make $2. If you sell 100 dips you make $200! The possibilities are endless.
  • All Natural Dips will provide your organization a check for the fundraising money collected at end of each month or at the end of your fundraising event (whichever comes first).

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