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Seafood Mixes
Made with real seafood

Carolina Crab
Spicy Spicy Crab 🔥
Crawfish Creole 🔥
Lobster Bisque
Asiago A Go Go Lobster
Coconutty Shrimp
Southern Shrimp and Cheese

🔥 Flavor Might be Spicy to some people.

Veggie Mixes
and other dips

Artichoke Florentine
Awesome Blue Cheese
Cajun Commotion 🔥
Cheddary Bacon
Hickory Dickory Bacon
Cucumber Dillyciosh
Garlic Festival
Asiago To Go Garlic
Spicy Spicy Garlic 🔥
Yes, It's Hot Habanero 🔥
Jacked Pepper Jack 🔥
Spinach A La Lishus
Spinach Parm
Sundried Tomato Bliss
Veggie Dipalicious

Dessert Mixes
no-bake cheesecake

It's Your Birthday
Strawberry Berries
Chocolate Caramel Turtle
Cinnabun Crazy
Karibbean Key Lime
White Chocoholic Razberry
Cookies and Cream*
(*not gluten free)

Soup and Grits
Other delicious items

Shrimp and Cheesy
Grits Mix
Bring 4c water to a boil. Add grits mix and bring back to a boil. Simmer 10 minutes, stirring frequently. When done, add 1/2 stick of butter and 1c of milk and stir. Add uncooked shrimp last and cut the heat when the first shrimp peice turns pink. The rest will follow. Add salt if you wish. Serve Warm.

Soups Available Seasonally
(For current inventory, please visit our website)


One of the most common questions we get is, "do you sell the chiller?" People love the look of our wicker chillers, and we sell them at events until we run out of stock. Check out a few options that we have.

Plain Wicker

This is the classic chiller that you see at most of our events. You add ice to the bottom then put the top on and insert your dip. We actually have a "trick" to these so check out our video below on how to do it! Wicker chillers are all stained but come in a variety of natural wood colors.

Painted Wicker

This chiller is exactly like the wicker chiller but comes with a hand painted design. Designs vary and colors vary as well. We cannot guarantee any specific design  but we can assure you the chiller will do its job! Painted chillers are limited quantities.


Ceramic chillers still keep dips cool by having ice down at the bottom and the dip rests in a dish on top. They are easy to clean and great to give as gifts. We also have a few ceramic dishes to display cheeseballs with as well! Inventory varies.

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