Fun Chicken Pot Pie


Yields: 4-5 Servings



    1. In a large bowl, mix veggies, chicken, soup, and 1/2 package of Veggie Dipalicious together. If you would like more flavor, add more dip mix.
    2. Once combined, spread mixture into pre-greased 12" Deep Dish Pan covering the whole bottom of the pan. Flatten the top to make it even.
    3. In small bowl, mix together biscuit mix and milk. The mixture will be runny, but just make sure it is all combined and not clumpy.
    4. Spread biscuit mixture across the top of the vegetable chicken mixture making sure to cover the entire top of the dish.
    5. Turn your Presto Pizazz Plus on and place your dish on top warming from the top and bottom. Set timer for 20 minutes. The bottom will warm the entire time. After the first five minutes, turn the top heating component off so the topping will not get overcooked. After 15 minutes, turn the top heating element back on to finish cooking the top. You'll know it is done if you can stick a toothpick down and not have it come back with any dough on it.
    6. Let cool and serve!