Carolina Crab Chimichangas


Yields: 6 Servings



    If using alfredo, heat it up in a saucepan and skip to #8.

    If making White sauce:
    1. Melt the butter over the stove in a medium sized pan.
    2. Once melted, add flour slowly while stirring to prevent clumping.
    3. You'll notice the mixture getting thick. As it thickens, add a little milk.
    4. Let it thicken again and add more milk.
    5. Repeat until all the milk is added.
    6. Continue to stir until sauce completely thickens.
    7. Turn off heat.
    8. Preheat oven to 350°F
    9. Once you've heated up your Alfredo sauce or made your white sauce, in the same pan, add Carolina Crab and stir until combined. Add in flaked crab and cover in sauce.
    10. Spread out tortilla shell. Add small amount of mixture in the middle. Fold each side over on sauce until completely covered. Place bottom side down in greased baking dish and repeat with remaining tortilla shells.
    11. Prepare an egg wash by separating the yolk from the white. Using the white of the egg, brush the chimichangas on the bottom, top and sides, and place back in the dish.
    12. Bake at 350° for 15-20 minutes until top has browned. Your chimichangas should turn out crispy with this method.
    13. Remove from oven and immediately add more cheese on top. Allow cheese to melt and dish to cool. Serve warm.