O Spinach Tree

From www.AllNaturalDips.com



    1. Preheat the oven to 375F.
    2. Spread the crescent dough onto an oven-safe pan in a rectangle and cut into a triangle shape (like a Christmas Tree). Reserve the cut triangles to the side until closer to the end.
    3. Combine cream cheese, sour cream, a small amount of cheese, and half of the Spinach A La Licious mix. Mix well.
    4. Fill the Christmas tree with the mixture leaving the middle "trunk" open as much as possible. Spread evenly using a spatula.
    5. Sprinkle tomatoes on top.
    6. Cover tomatoes with mozzarella cheese (still reserving cheese for the end).
    7. Use reserved crescent dough and put triangles on either side of the tree. Flatten the middle (trunk) down as much as you can.
    8. Using a pizza cutter, cut into 1" sections without cutting the middle (trunk) area.
    9. Roll each cut "branch" away from you two to three times. Go all the way up both sides of the tree.
    10. Lightly brown in the oven 10-15 minutes. Top with remaining mozzarella cheese.
    11. Serve warm.