Veggie Dipalicious Pork Roast


Yields: 4 Servings



    1. Wash the pork roast and set in the center of a large casserole bowl (with lid or cover with foil).
    2. Cut up potatoes into about 1 inch pieces and place around roast.
    3. Place carrot pieces around the bowl evenly.
    4. Next, slice onion into large pieces and add around on top of the veggies.
    5. Place corn cobs around the dish.
    6. Take the butter and cut into pats. Lean the pats of butter next to the corn cobs and the remainder of butter in the dish.
    7. Sprinkle Veggie Dipalicious liberally around the dish on the veggies and especially on the pork roast. (you want the flavor to cook into the roast).
    8. We do not add any salt for this dish, but your guests may salt at the table, if need be.
    9. Cover the dish. Place in the oven at 350°F and cook for 1 hour and 50 mins or until done. You may check the potatoes by easing a knife into them, the knife should go in easy the dish should be done then!
    10. Set the table, open the dish and let cool. Easy to prep and can sit in the oven until everyone is ready.
To make in Slow Cooker:
    1. Chop all veggies and add all ingredients into slow cooker.
    2. Sprinkle Veggie Dipalicious liberally at top.
    3. Cook on high 4-6 hours, making sure the pork is fully cooked.
    4. Keep on "warm" until ready to serve.